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The roots of CAVE GONTERO are to be found back in the past, in the ‘50s, when Bernardo, the great-grandfather, began the first activity of extraction on the slopes of Monte Bracco. Then, in the ‘60s, the activity went on with Giacomo, the grand-father, who built up in Barge the first warehouse for both Luserna stone and quartzite. But the real change took place in the ‘80s with Susanna, Giacomo’s daughter-in-law, who completely transformed the structure of the enterprise, developing both the activity of extraction and working of the stones and the market. And now the present generation with Manlio and Martina, thanks to whom CAVE GONTERO has increased its importance worldwide, becoming a company which controls the whole production cycle of Italian and Brazilian Quartzite, Luserna stone and Slate, from their extraction to their processing and selling. Moreover they’ve made more competitive a wide range of products coming from all over the world through a policy of partnership and distribution based on modern logistics: efficient transports and warehouses in strategic areas. After this short description let’s examine the present and future opportunities which CAVE GONTERO is ready to catch and share with all the companies interested in it.

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